Website / App Migration: 3 Day Assessment

BUI (Pty) Ltd

Website or Application Azure Migration Offering (3 day) service. The offer is excluding Azure Hosting costs. Get in Touch for a formal quote and Readiness Assessment.

BUI will perform a Readiness Assessment analyze your IIS / Linux installation and identify which sites can be migrated to the cloud, highlighting any elements which cannot be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.

Once analyzed we will also create the website(s) and database(s), under a given Azure subscription, required to support your site(s).We will report back on any issues it we see that might be interrupt or effect the migration and provide assistance and guidance around possible issues.

Azure App Service is a fully managed platform as a service offering which makes it easy to build employee, partner, and customer-facing multi-channel (devices and platforms) apps backed with business processes. Customers avoid the infrastructure and database management costs associated with upgrading & maintaining web applications on-premises. Save hardware and licensing cost of running web apps on premise.

The BUI offering, combined with the power of Microsoft Azure App Service will give your Website or Application the following benefits:

  • Jumpstart your app building
  • Increase developer productivity
  • Ship updates faster
  • Achieve global scale on demand
  • Get actionable insights and analytics


  • Scoping Workshop
  • Analysis and Testing of Website / Application health
  • Web / App Incompatibility Report
  • Azure Tenant Configuration
  • Migration Status Report


Day 1 - Environment Scope

  • Detailed scoping session defining the parts of the Website / Application to included and excluded for migration

Day 2 - Migration

  • Perform migration of the Website / App as per detailed scope defined

Day 3 - Testing and Handover

  • Testing migrated Website / App and Feedback and Report session

Take note

Final costing subject to a detailed scoping session