AwA - Ashore with Azure 10 weeks implementation

Business Vision

AwA – "Ashore with Azure" aims to step by step help customers begin their journey of change to a more modern, flexible and future-proofed data platform for analytics in the cloud.

AWA is a complete process where the customer together with Business Vision's architects analyze existing data warehouse and its integrations and takes into account any new requirements. An overview reference architecture is developed for the entire solution so that the customer gets a picture of possible future architecture in Azure. A selected amount of data is then selected for migration to Azure.

Brief Description of Services for each milestone to be completed by Supplier

  1. Architecture assessments (analyse current solution, bring forward a new high level ref-architecture in Azure (delivery in ppt)
  2. Set up Azure environment and necessary subscriptions and prepare on-prem for migration (install Azure Data Gateway)
  3. Set up PaaS-Services for the data platform for exaample managed instance of Azure SQL DB, Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks
  4. Migrate selected "workload” to the new data platform for your analytics
  5. Build data pipeline, storage & data transformations with Azure Integration Services for example Azure Data Factory
  6. Evaluate delivery, write report on what has been done and what can be done further, meetings with customer