Practical Blockchain: 1-Day workshop

Business & Decision Benelux S.A.

This workshop is a concrete first step in understanding blockchain applications & defining where and how to apply it in your organization.

The workshop focuses on designing blockchain applications that deliver value in the short term but also for long term usage and is based on our long experience in supporting businesses in their digital transformation.
While the workshops methodology & general concepts are considered technology agnostic, illustrations & practical solutions are shown with the Ethereum ecosystem & solutions running on Microsoft Azure.


Ideally a mix of business & technical stakeholders with good understanding of the organization core business & capabilities.


  1. Blockchain introduction (if necessary)
  2. Blockchain: Where are we, what to expect in the next years, strategies to stay on top of it
  3. Keys to leverage blockchain & its ecosystem
  4. Enterprise blockchain architecture, security & compliance considerations
  5. A methodology to reason about use cases & build blockchain solutions
  6. Ideation session: how & where to apply blockchain in your organization
  7. Debriefing & summary of key outcomes

Concrete outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will:
  1. Have a clear understanding of the current state of blockchain & its expected evolution in the next few years
  2. Concrete leads on how & where your organization can take advantage of blockchain
  3. Practical recommendations & next steps for your blockchain initiatives

The workshop can be delivered on-line or on-premises (on-premises price may vary).