WFO for Call Center - 2-week Proof of Concept


Our solution allows us to predict the workload of the call center, looking at the data so far.

We run the assessment on Azure virtual machines and SQL on Azure. We distribute the working hours of the center's employees properly. This way, all calls are served quickly and efficiently. Our product accurately predicts the number of incoming calls to the call center. This is achieved through the detailed processing of existing data. The algorithm recognizes seasonality change and trends, thus predicting extreme values over time. The result of the algorithm suggests the ideal layout of employees during the day. The existing staff is rearranged, so that the ideal call service rate is approached at all hours / days and the Abandon Call Rate is minimized. Our call center optimization solution provides information and suggestions, to follow the best strategy in the allocation of resources of the department. Thus, the center chooses the business strategy with the lowest costs and the most profits.