Security Operations Centre (SOC) - 4 Wk POC

Byte Information Technology Pty Ltd

24x7 security monitoring and notification with Azure Sentinel - 4 week POC

Need to know what security threats are affecting your business? Do you understand the types of malicious attacks trying to infiltrate your business? For organisations to better understand their threat landscape, Byte's expert Security Operations (SOC) experts keep you informed and safe.

The Byte Managed SOC solution leverages Azure Sentinel to provide customers with a full alert and escalation notification system, ensuring your IT and security management teams understand the threats to your business in real-time. The Byte SOC Monitoring and Notification solution identifies events and incidents whilst leveraging AI and ML to eliminate false positives, keeping your team focused on dealing with real threats.

At the end of the 4 week POC you'll have a great understanding of the cyber threats affecting your organisation.


  • 24x7 real-time security monitoring of connected event sources
  • Essential Security Event Management on connected event sources
  • Escalate notification to customer's IT/security management team for raised event/incident
  • Monitoring the continuous availability of event sources for receiving logs/signals
  • Correlation and expert investigation of threats on your environment by Byte SOC team
  • AI and ML - Leverage cloud-based SIEM and SOAR solution eliminating false positives
  • Manage Sentinel environment
  • Access to the Byte security team
  • Visualisation and insights across connected data sources
  • Access to dashboards and reports