BI Reporting Modernization – 5 Day Assessment

Cambay Consulting LLC

Accelerate your business decisions with actionable insights

In today’s data-driven world, having information is not the problem. The problem is getting the data in the format that is usable and utilize the data for actionable insights. With legacy reporting solutions, analyzing data, and delivering reports in a concise, user-friendly format your business needs is challenging. Also, end of software/hardware support, license renewal, and high TCO drive enterprises for cloud migration and modernization.

Cambay’s BI report modernization assessment includes a deep technical analysis of your existing business intelligence (BI) reporting solutions and the effort required to migrate & modernize your reporting solutions to an Azure-based Platform.

Five Day BI Reporting Assessment Goals

  1. Evaluate your current BI implementation, architecture, reporting solutions.
  2. Assessment of current reporting tools, (One module with not more than 20 reports), and Architecture.
  3. Review Azure cloud readiness for existing BI Solution
  4. TCO Analysis & challenges
  5. Review Enterprise Data Model
  6. Prepare cloud BI strategy


• Detail Assessment report for the client to understand its information needs, design documents based on the client's business information needs. • Detailed documentation on how to migrate or modernize reporting solution • Roadmap for cloud migration and modernization