AI Use Case Envisioning

Campana & Schott GmbH

The workshop is designed to help organizations define their analytics maturity and discover the potential for improvement in their business case by leveraging data analytics and AI.

The CS AI Business Envisioning 1-day workshop is designed to help organizations discover the potential for improvement in their business case by leveraging the Azure data platform and Azure AI. The goal of the workshop is to identify the data maturity of already implemented analytics solutions and brainstorm potential areas of improvement that can be solved using data analytics. Finally, the workshop aims to derive the next best analytics use cases that can unleash the power of their data and improve your business model.

Step 1: Analysis of Business Model

At first, we build a common understanding of the underlying business model of your organization or your department. This foundation leads us to interactively discuss and derive areas of improvement. The goals are

  • Crafted Business Model Canvas
  • Identification of areas of improvement

Step 2: Analysis of Status Quo and Analytics Maturity

Next, the workshop focuses on analyzing your organization’s analytics maturity. Analyzing your organization's analytics maturity is an important step towards improving your data-driven decision-making capabilities. This involves identifying the current state of your organization's analytics solutions and categorizing them according to their maturity level. The goals are:

  • Analytics maturity assessment
  • Analytics landscape incl. data sources

Step 3: Definition of AI/Analytics Roadmap

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of the potential benefits of data analytics for their organization, as well as a set of actionable next steps for implementing new use cases with Azure AI. This includes developing a roadmap. The goals are:

  • Prioritized list of use cases
  • Well-defined and scoped AI/Analytics use case(s) with Azure AI