Data Strategy Envisioning (1 day workshop)

Campana & Schott GmbH

Catalyze your Data Transformation by starting the right way.

Continuously striving to further develop your business model and provide innovative services to your customers is an economical imperative to stand up to competition. Utilizing data can boost your ambitions by providing valuable insights and catalyze existing projects. Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud platform that provides a plethora of tools & services to harness your company‘s full data & analytics potential. ​ However, to fully exploit this potential and effectively leverage available resources a structured approach is needed. During our envisioning offering our data experts will help you identify and prioritize relevant use cases and show you how the Azure data platform (Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Azure ML) can be utilized to catalyze your ambitions. Building upon our proven Data Thinking approach feasibility with regards to your current or future data architecture and landscape is assessed upfront to make sure that the selected use cases can be successfully implemented to boost your Data Transformation. The 1-day workshop will provide you with a first roadmap for your use-cases and provide the foundation to your next steps.