Datacenter to Azure: 10wk-Implementation

Campana & Schott GmbH

Your company has set a 'cloud first strategy' and decided to decommission on-premises datacenter or modernize legacy apps. We accompany you along your journey to the cloud

• Kick-off, Envisioning and Planning:
• Assess current Azure Setup and Strategy • Align Cloud Strategy and set up Datacenter to Azure Implementation Project

• Create Azure Readiness • Set up foundation • Create Landing Zone including Ressource Organization, Basic Network Connectivity, Security Baseline Configuration

• Assessment of current application and server infrastructure • Technical Assessment (Quantitative analysis on Server Level) ○ Installation of assessment tool suite

• Interview Assessment (Qualitative analysis on Application Level) ○ Definition of in-scope applications for a qualitative assessment of cloud migration ○ Adapt Campana & Schott Interview Template to individual needs ○ Conduct disqualification workshops to identify applications which must be hosted on-premises ○ Interview Application Owners ○ Outcome: Overview of in scope applications and related contact persons in the client's organization

• Synthesis of quantitative and qualitative assessment
o Summary of technical assessment results and synthesis with qualitative assessment results; Prioritization of workloads to be migrated first

• Azure Migration Plan o Planning of resources, timeline and methods for migration o Evaluating different migration paths ○ Lift & Shift ○ Modernize ○ Redesign ○ Refactor ○ Retire o Create Decission Tree and define to-be scenario per application

• Steer Migration Project o Migrate servers, databases and applications o Control progress and successful execution o Hand-over to operations

• Set up a Microsoft Azure Cloud Operating Model o Assess current infrastructure operating model o Support in transition to target operating model