Cloud Native: 10-weeks POC

Canarys Automations Pvt Ltd

POC on Cloud Native deployment using AKS, Azure Kubernetes. POC on Containerization of the Apps using Docker, microservices and serverless functions


Canarys will work with your teams to plan, prioritize and containerize the systems (identified for POC) to a container-based architecture on Azure orchestrated using AKS. Configure Azure Pipelines for deploying application on AKS. Deploy and test various scenarios like horizontal scaling, self-healing, load balancing etc

Cloud-native Technologies (AKS)

Application Migration POC Assistance in the design & development of cloud native applications based on microservices and serverless functions Containerization of the Apps using Docker, Kubernetes and Azure Container Services Re-architect Legacy .NET Applications to Cloud Native Applications and leverage key cloud-native technologies including serverless computing, containers and microservices.

Cost Estimation

The price is estimated and may vary based on:

  • Selected strategy
  • Size & complexity of the application
  • Approach and number of applications
  • Other incidental costs