Microsoft Azure Stack HCI - 2 Hours Briefing


2-hour briefing session on how Azure Stack HCI enables your organization to achieve a smooth transition to Azure

Most companies are looking for a hybrid solution to enable a smooth transition to Azure. Common hindrances for such a solution are the lack of regulatory data classifications or workloads that have a particularly high latency requirement of local resources. With Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, you can keep data sovereignty on-premises and meet latency requirements of on-premises resources. This gives you the opportunity to gradually modernize your landscape and clarify regulatory issues, without losing the ability to use Azure for central administration of your entire IT infrastructure.

In the Azure Stack HCI 2 Hours Briefing we will cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Azure Stack HCI overview
  • Why Intel for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI? (Intel® Select Solutions / 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor / Intel® Optane™ persistent memory)
  • Remote management of on-premises resources with Azure
  • Showcase of possible scenarios and architectures
  • Possible transitions from on-premises resources to Azure

CANCOM Advantages:

  • Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Azure: CANCOM is an Azure Advanced MSP, MPN -Gold Certified Partner and an active member of the MPN Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.
  • Faster Time to Value with CANCOM Automation Solutions
  • CANCOM offers additional services and options for automatically providing Azure and HCI resources