AI Data Engineering : 1 Day Assessment

Capgemini Group

AI Data Engineering Data Platform

Capgemini Data & AI GROUP Portfolio implements our Corporate Strategic Framework which consists of the following • Customer First Data & AI Solutions • Intelligent industry Data & AI Foundations • Enterprise Management Data & AI Solutions While accelerating Cloud Data/AI platform journey for the enterprise clients; AI and Data Engineering for Azure leverages best of the cloud native technologies (Azure Synapse, Microsoft Purview, Data Mesh, Azure Data Lake Gen 2, Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Synapse, Cosmos DB, Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, Power BI etc.).

Our Assets on AI and Data Engineering.

  1. REAP (Replatforming Analytics Engine on Azure)
  2. Great BI (Estimation)
  3. GDPR Framework
  4. Smart Procurement Analytics Management
  5. Smart Asset Management

Our Offerings on AI and Data Engineering.

  1. Advisory
  2. Data Estate Modernization
  3. Unified Data Management
  4. Migration to SharePoint Online
  5. GDPR and Data Privacy
  6. Smart Analytics on Azure
  7. Azure Solution Labs
  8. AI Gallery with Azure

Key benefits to the client: • Ensure Supply Chain continuity – Manage/Minimize supplier risk • Fast marketing pivot to new consumer behaviors • Rapid mobilization of additional workforces to support operational upswing • Training and qualification of workforce to be service/customer ready in short window • Collaboration zones to drive problem resolution in new virtual environment • Users can remotely connect to their testing/training/production environment and be guided in executing transactions, with no need for consultants to assist

Assessment & Discover workshop • Define a Data Strategy to Azure • Evaluate Current Data Engineering Platform • Determine Enterprise Data Management Data & AI Solutions