Capgemini Reflect IoD: 16 week Implementation

Capgemini Group

Assets produce a lot of data, at different times, in different formats, by different actors but the data is very often hosted in IT silos.

Reflect IoD Augmented asset operations for operators

Maximize asset performance Industrial assets such as buildings, factories, and networks produce streams of segregated data that operators use to gain a complete view of operations, perform effective analysis, and understand threats and opportunities.

Capgemini’s Reflect IoD was conceived and developed as a cloud native platform and is available on Azure. It is a digital-twin platform for augmented asset operations that optimizes data access, integration, and design for enhanced operations effectiveness.

Revolutionize operational efficiency Industrial building and infrastructure operations teams are inundated with data, including: • CAD drawings and mechanical renderings • Real-time performance analytics • Work orders • Operations manuals • And more.

This information is often siloed in disparate systems, making retrieval, aggregation, and analysis difficult and time consuming. Reflect IoD changes that.

Azure Cloud When developing Reflect IoD we knew it had to be cloud native and serverless, to be secure, highly available and scalable, by design. The immediate benefit choosing an Azure serverless architecture is that our development team could focus on functional & business value, to solve client concerns. We are also leveraging Azure Digital Twins as a federated database: the concept of flexible data model is key within Reflect IoD, to federate data from multiple sources, to adapt to sectors and client specifics, and to allow incremental deployment. In Azure Digital Twins, we have recognized a unique capacity to implement this flexible data model, enabling semantic queries, while bridging the gap between cold sources such as design or maintenance data and hot sources such as operations sensors and IoT data.

Business Model The intent of Capgemini’s Reflect IoD is to offer a range of professional services on top of Azure Cloud Services, and a potential “technology access fee” to acquire the right to use Reflect IoD. Our tiered implementation strategy delivers: • A customizable dashboard and APIs • Rapid results for client-specific use cases • A timeframe of four to six months for proof of value