Capgemini 890 on Azure: 1-Day Assessment

Capgemini Group

890 by Capgemini is a unique and versatile one stop-shop for AI and Analytics, backed by a powerful ecosystem where clients can simply plug in and access a plethora of data, insights and outcomes.

890 by Capgemini is a plug-and-play Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics Platform backed by the Microsoft Azure eco-system. It enables Data-Powered organizations to make collaborative business decisions faster and more intuitively— all from a single trusted interface.

890 brings powerful out-of-box capabilities through its three capability pillars viz.

• Data Exchange: Enable access to curated trusted datasets from Internal and 3rd party providers to combine them and build data-driven insights and realize full potential of data.

• Insights Exchange: Empowers consumption of AI & Analytics solutions built by experts or internal teams leveraging internal and external data to power business decisions.

• Outcome Exchange: Facilitates impact-driven business outcomes by equipping with powerful analytical solutions to improve operational and strategic decision making.

890 provides a single pane of glass for data scientists, data analysts, AIML engineers, business users etc. to execute their start to end analytics journey. It orchestrates the journey, studios, workbench and assets catalogue to enable data-powered innovation with role based access and governance in place.

890 allows users to subscribe to any internal or external data and creates secured APIs on the fly to access it and help create an abstraction layer, and at the same time provide metering, billing, throttling, monitoring, etc. These API, which can be access from anywhere and everywhere in the organization.

890 provides a single interface to build, train, test, validate, deploy and manage AIML Models intuitively and in a seamless manner. This effectively saves developers tons of hours of efforts and focus more on the outcomes.

890 centralizes cataloguing of assets (datasets, models, solutions, reports etc.) through role-based access control which empowers businesses to re-use and share these assets internally and externally seamlessly.

With over 200+ industry and sector specific solutions pre-hosted on 890, businesses can rapidly and efficiently scale up and implement their strategic goals with minimum interventions, low TCO and high ROI.

890 has helped multiple global clients leverage the power of data and make “Machine Learning for everybody” with the power of self-service and inbuilt security, single-sign-on (SSO), Role-based-access (RBAC).

890 comes pre-built with several must-have administrative features such as • built-in security through SSO integration, User management and role based access control for various features and solutions • Multi-tenancy to enable multiple separate instances • A CDO dashboard to analyze utilization and usage • Billing, metering and licensing for monetization

890 has a highly configurable and flexible architecture based on micro-services and meta-model design and leverages best of the Azure native technologies such as Azure Data Lake Gen 2, Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI etc.

Key benefits to the client:  Enables access to curated trusted datasets from Internal and 3rd party providers for #Data Analysts  Empowering #Data Scientists to consume AI & Analytics solutions leveraging internal & external data to power business decisions.  Enabling #Decision Makers make faster, more confident decisions

In summary, 890 fast-tracks operations, adapts seamlessly with the Azure eco-system and brings down the cost and the time to market for analytics journey by several notches.

Assessment & Discover workshop • Evaluate Current Data Estate • Determine target operating model to get the most out of enterprise investment • Provide a roadmap for a Scalable Architecture