Data Journey using Microsoft Fabric Workshop

Capgemini Group

Capgemini has partnered with Microsoft in the new era of data potential to bring the best-in-class Microsoft Fabric – a game-changing analytics platform

Organizations today recognize the need to leverage data as a strategic advantage to stay competitive, regardless of their industry. The value hidden within an organization’s data is well understood, and it’s no longer a question of whether to harness this data, but how to do so effectively.

While companies possess vast amounts of data, the challenge lies in the fact that this data is often scattered across organizational silos and stored on outdated legacy systems, some of which may be decades old. These silos and systems hinder decision-makers from obtaining a comprehensive view of their business and customers. Leveraging data assets from these legacy systems to enable data-driven decision-making across the entire organization becomes an arduous task, if not impossible.

Microsoft Fabric is a complete solution from Microsoft that combines a variety of tools and services into a single analytics platform. It helps organizations use data for insights, decision-making, and innovation. From managing data lakes to empowering business users, it offers a one-stop-shop for all analytical needs, making it easier for enterprises to harness the power of data.

Capgemini has partnered with Microsoft in the new era of data potential to bring the best-in-class Microsoft Fabric – a game-changing analytics platform that brings together all the necessary data and analytics tools required by organizations. IDEA by Capgemini leverages our expertise in data engineering, analytics, and AI, and seamlessly integrates our tools with the powerful cloud data services of Azure and Microsoft Fabric. This integration enables companies to fully use Microsoft’s wide range of applications and solutions for accelerated data-driven insights and innovation. Capgemini has wide variety of Azure Data & AI Offerings that effectively empower our clients to accelerate their business value.

Our primary engagement consists of a 1-day Assessment followed by a 1-month Due Diligence workshop. The goals of each are as follows:

The objective of the 1-Day Assessment:

• Clearly articulate the value provided by Microsoft Fabric and its significant impact on leveraging Data & AI in driving business success. • Present an overview of Microsoft Fabric, highlighting its key capabilities, updates, similarities, changes, as well as major benefits and return on investment (ROI).

The objective of the Due Diligence Workshop:

• Extract the necessary data from your current Data estate and/or external data sources. • Utilize an AI-powered approach, facilitated by Gen AI, and incorporate Power BI if relevant to the specific path or use case. • Conduct all activities and services using a "side-car mode," ensuring minimal disruption to your existing business operations. • Develop and deliver train-the-trainer sessions for your designated Microsoft Fabric champions.

Capgemini suggests the Roll-out or Implementation Phase as the final step. The purpose of this phase is to transfer the existing data estate from a PAAS (Platform as a Service) platform to the new SAAS (Software as a Service) platform in Microsoft Fabric. This phase also involves formulating a Data Strategy aimed at cost reduction, achieving Return on Investment, and generating tangible business outcomes.

P.S. Pricing varies based on scope of the engagement.