Data Estate Modernization IDEA: 1-Day Assessment

Capgemini Group

Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration(IDEA) is an innovative and flexible solution to help organizations modernize, democratize and industrialize their data estate journey at speed & scale

Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration— IDEA by Capgemini — is a suite of capabilities, accelerators, frameworks & methodologies that help organizations modernize their data estate as it relates to people, processes and technology landscape end to end on Azure Data & AI Services. While accelerating Cloud Data/AI platform journey for the enterprise clients; IDEA for Azure leverages best of the cloud native technologies (Azure Data Lake Gen 2, Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Synapse, Cosmos DB, AKS, ARM, Azure Security Center, Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, Power BI etc.). IDEA offers industrialization through advanced orchestration and control frameworks, low-code/no-code toolsets, modular microservices architecture & DevOps principles; helping organizations simplify and streamline every aspect of their data modernization journey & reducing the burden of change for the workforce.

IDEA on Azure accelerates the data estate modernization journey by offering.

  1.       Data Discovery & Migration Studio.
  2.       Ingestion Studio
  3.       Data Collaboration Studio
  4.       Industry Solutions Activation
  5.       AI, Analytics & BI Workbench
  6.       Trusted Data Products Studio
  7.       Cloud Data Foundation
  8.       Data Operations Audit Control Centre

Capgemini’s IDEA on Azure can support and bring value to the clients who are looking to digitally transform and scale their data platforms and create value through insights.

Key benefits to the client: • Accelerate the clients’ time to value by 40%, for AI and analytics use cases at scale • Industrialized Trusted & Secure by Design on the Cloud • Modular Architecture design • Modern Data Platform with optimized TCO • Closest to Cloud Native Services with Data Trust • Latest Data Ops / ML Ops features to ingest insights & deliver value

Assessment & Discover workshop • Evaluate Current Data Estate • Determine Data migration strategy to Azure