Azure Cloud Discovery: 2-Week Workshop


A series of Azure Cloud Discovery Workshops for companies at the start of their Public Cloud adoption, who require assistance in in formulating a transformation strategy.

The process consists of a series of Azure Cloud discovery workshops that can be fitted into 1 or 2 weeks to help a customer identify the strategy, objectives, technology, target operating model and migration approach to realise a transformation to Azure.

NTT will help the customer identify the relevant stakeholders to attend specific Cloud discovery workshops. In these workshops, customers will collaborate with NTT Cloud Experts to:

*Clarify their Cloud strategy *Determine strategic business objectives *Identify technology needs *Focus their operating model and migration approach to develop a transformation strategy to Public Cloud

AGENDA The detailed schedule will be defined with the client according to the project:

  • Business and strategy: analysis of the IT strategy, status, challenges, as well as mapping what customer stakeholders will be impacted by or can influence the transformation to ensure governance, awareness and buy-in.
  • Technology: review the IT estate including; systems, infrastructure, applications, network, security, application development tooling.
  • Service & Operations: review IT strategy and architecture principles, IT service management (ITSM) processes, information security policies, application release processes and IT governance.
  • Migration: analysis of key personnel to execute the change, key dates with the customer business calendar, dependencies (application & personnel), investigation of migration approaches.

Final price depends on travel costs, number of sessions and project features.

The output will include:

  • Guidance during the workshop to help the customer teams focus on the important areas including identifying risks & best practice.
  • High level plan including: a map of the NTT suggested approach for transformation.
  • Follow-up Q&A call

NTT recommends progressing from this to its Cloud Transformation Plan offer, which helps customers document a plan to execute Azure Cloud transformation.