FREE Azure Cloud Strategy Foundations 4h Workshop


Looking for Azure Cloud expertise to review your infrastructure and identify an efficient path to the Cloud? Whether starting, on your way or onboard, NTT can help you on your Cloud strategy.

We offer a 4-hour Azure-centric workshop for you and your team who might be looking to understand more about the range of available Cloud technologies and where these could be used in your business for technical, commercial and operational improvement.

We typically look to create the following outputs:

1) An Azure Cloud transformation framework

2) A template including a business overview, stakeholder analysis (who, pain points), opportunities & solutions (to address the analysis) and a benefits map (where available cloud technologies may benefit your business)

3) If relevant, a statement of work for a Proof of Concept

4) An Azure Cloud strategy document defining where a Cloud technology can be trialed to address a use case identified through this process

We also include an overview of the NTT approach for translating business strategy into the enablement and execution of IT change, following our proven enterprise architecture and transformation planning methodology.