Azure Cloud Transformation Plan: 4-Week Workshop


For companies who require assistance in the execution of a Azure Cloud transformation. Typically, a follow-on process for customers who have followed the NTT Azure Cloud Discovery Workshops.

NTT has developed a customized workshop series, proven to guide customers through each phase of their Azure Public Cloud Transformation. First, we offer our customers a free half-day workshop, with the goal of building a foundation and framework for their move to Azure. Next, we transition to the discovery phase by identifying key stakeholders, potential risks, migration dependencies and developing a strategic approach to transformation.

  • The detailed schedule will be defined with the client according to the project.
  • Final price depends on travel costs, number of sessions and project features.

Estimated breakdown per week

Week 1 * NTT will review all available discovery information, including business & strategy, technology, service & operations and migration inputs from the customer. * This will be combined with NTT’s experience to form the basis of several transformation options for presentation to the customer.

Week 2 * The formulated transformation options will be presented to the customer through one or two workshops * The rationale of each option will be tested and evaluated * A preferred, recommended option is selected with other options marked as alternatives.

Week 3 * The preferred, recommended transformation option will be structured into a transformation plan, including where relevant the tracking of other options including why they were not recommended. * The transformation plan will be presented to the customer through a final workshop. * Next steps will be discussed and agreed.

Week 4 * Contingency

After the Cloud Transformation workshops, is time to execute the Cloud Transformation plan. When executed by NTT, we make sure that security and long-term governance are top-of-mind in the process.