Capstone Windows Server Migration Workshop

Capstone Consulting Inc

This engagement is designed to demonstrate a modernization process designed to migrate legacy Windows Server and SQL Server applications to the Azure cloud.

Capstone Consulting will deliver a 2 week Docker Container and DevOps engagement designed to quickly demonstrate an application modernization approach for the cloud. By the end of this engagement, Capstone will have demonstrated the containerization and migration of legacy Windows Server and/or SQL Server applications to Microsoft Azure.


Week One:

  • Monday: Initial Customer Meetings
    • Current Application Environment
    • Current DevOps Pipeline
    • Application Candidates
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Docker Build and Training
    • Enterprise Edition Cluster Build
      • UCP, DTR, Worker Nodes
      • Role Based Access Control
      • Logging, Monitoring Integration
      • Orchestration: Kubernetes or Swarm
    • Cluster Trainining: Operations and App Owners
  • Thursday and Friday:
    • Application Candidate MTA
      • Docker Files
      • Stack Files
      • Application Deployment to Cluster
      • Results verification

Week Two:

  • Monday: Previous Week Review and Status
  • Tuesday:
    • MTA Training with Application Members or Teams
      • Docker Files
      • Stack Files
      • Helm Charts
  • Wednesday:
    • Orchestration
      • Kubernetes
      • Swarm
  • Thursday:
    • Solution Demonstration
  • Friday:
    • Closing discussion
    • Engagement results