Custom App Development - Art of the Possible: 4-week Proof Of Concept

Caravel Labs, Inc.

Demonstrate and validate your innovative custom application idea for your stakeholders

The Art of the Possible service is designed to help early-stage innovators achieve the following effectively, swiftly, and economically:

  • Demonstrate the power of their innovative idea in the form of a concrete software solution to excite supporters and convince the skeptics among potential investors, customers, or senior decision makers.
  • Validate and refine their own ideas early leading to a robust foundation that needs fewer and smaller changes as the product evolves.

This is a 4-week long project that results in:

  • Working software that can be demonstrated in 10-15 minutes and showcases the most compelling features of the innovative idea and its impact
  • A proven and established architecture and software engineering toolchain that requires minimal changes to build out the full product
  • A prioritized backlog of features that constitute an efficient and achievable product roadmap, which can be used to achieve a software solution that can be deployed for field use and provide business value in a matter of 2-3 months


Week 1 (Innovation exploration workshop):

  • Design thinking and release planning workshop
  • Implementation of CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps

Weeks 2 & 3 (Iterative and incremental development):

  • Prototyping and usability testing for upcoming backlog items
  • Solution development and implementation using Azure PaaS services
  • Product demos to project stakeholders
  • Backlog planning for future work
  • Evaluate retrospective learnings from previous sprints

Week 4 (Stabilization)

  • Address outstanding defects and critical user feedback
  • Perform final production deployment to your Azure environment
  • Code handover pipeline setup in your Azure DevOps organization
  • Conduct training and produce documentation

Caravel Labs is technology consultancy for social impact. Our hand-selected group of global tech talent is passionate about delivering business outcomes for our customers. We use rigorous, proven-effective software engineering methodology and tools to rapidly build high-quality solutions for social innovators.

Note: price shown does not include travel, if required.