Agile Analytics: 4-week Implementation

Catapult Systems, LLC

Catapult’s Agile Analytics helps companies gather valuable insights from data to drive actionable decisions based on identifiable trends, needs and targeted services.

Despite the exponential growth of data, it is more difficult to meet customers’ needs, provide insight to employees, and make data-driven improvements. Traditional approaches to AI/ML and analytics mean investing in costly tools, software, and people.

CATAPULT’S APPROACH Needs often change, altering a project's entire scope. Catapult’s approach is different. A templated data platform provides weekly insights to achieve your data or AI/ML goals. With Azure and our service, you only pay for what you use when you use it.

HOW IT WORKS Collaborative sessions define your vision and goals and prioritize objectives. We identify potential for insights, provide feedback, and use analysis and visual tools for collaboration and easy-to-consume analytics. If goals change, we pivot so you receive the insights you need. By leveraging Azure’s advanced and scalable data platform, Catapult provides your data with world-class security.

CATAPULT’S SECRET: OUR SERVICE Catapult has deployed data services including SQL, Synapse, and Databricks; building accelerators that automate pipelines, data architecture, and telemetry. This helps you focus on customizing for your unique scenarios. Our approach provides continuous innovation and improvement, so you stay agile. End user feedback keeps the service aligned to outcomes. Our as-a-service model gives you the right experts when you need them, without overhead costs.

ADVANTAGES OF AGILE ANALYTICS Agile Analytics helps you source expensive and niche skill sets, with both a breadth of technical knowledge and the business acumen to get the most from your data. We provide a flexible, scalable, and secure offering.


  • Protects data with world-class security in Microsoft’s Cloud
  • Provides valuable insights early, often and accurately
  • Decreases administrative burden
  • Accelerates delivery of data-driven initiatives
  • *Estimated annual pricing is based on size of customer environment.