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Disaster Recovery: 2-Week Implementation

Catapult Systems

Catapult will discover, assess, and define the architecture and recovery process for 2 on premise workloads to Azure

This engagement will be successful when:

  1. A high-level Disaster Recovery design and recovery plan is accepted by the client.
  2. Deployment of the selected DR solution is tested.
  3. Knowledge transfer of solution over to client’s team is completed.

Week 1 * Envisioning sessions to define cloud DR scenarios, objectives and requirements
* Planning sessions (3 x 2 hours) to define DR architecture, recovery process, and connectivity with follow ups as needed * Setup and provision cloud infrastructure and connectivity, including VPN gateway, storage, virtual network, and security setup * Setup of on-premises resources and VM(s) to support DR solution

Week 2 * Deployment of DR solution and replicate data to Azure over a period of time. * Remediation of workloads and VMs for Azure and DR solution compatibility * Conduct knowledge transfer and training session (1 x 4 hours) to client’s team