Azure Kickstart Program: 2-Week Workshop


Accelerate your cloud initiatives by implementing a cloud solution, either native or by extending the on premise environment, to Microsoft Azure in this 10-day engagement.

The current global situation has forced some aspects of the physical world to be replaced by the virtual. Many organizations are seeing added pressures of scaling up to accommodate remote work, or to run more workloads in the cloud and not all organizations have had a chance to complete their cloud journey roadmap. CDI’s Azure Kickstart Program enables customers to quickly execute their cloud initiatives and move their on-premises workloads into Azure.

This engagement will include the following agenda:

Week 1: (Day 1) A Review of business and IT objectives, identify focus areas, perform engagement planning and schedule on-site visits of one selected solution/application in the organization. (Day 2) Interviews with relevant IT and business stakeholders to understand goals, policies, technologies, and practices. Discover and assess current applications, IT infrastructure and systems. (Day 3 and 4) Identify the best-fit cloud workloads to meet business requirements. (Day 5) Determine if moving to cloud can meet all necessary security, compliance, availability and performance for IT platform and storage facilities.

Week 2: (Day 6 - 8) Devise go-to-Azure solution proposal and assist with budgetary considerations. (Day 9 and 10) Create and present written report with executive briefing on findings, feasibility and roadmap.