Microsoft Azure - Software Asset Tactical Analysis - 30-Day Workshop


Provide visibility into your current asset utilization to allow for audit risk mitigation

Are you fully prepared for a potential Microsoft Licensing audit? Do you understand all of your included Azure benefits? Do you know what it included in your environment? Do you have appropriate Governance in place to prevent sprawl?

CDI’s Microsoft Azure hosted and drive "Software Asset Tactical Analysis" or “SATA” service, a Branch of CDI's SAM (Software Asset Management) Central consulting services is used to provide visibility into your current asset utilization to allow for OEM audit risk mitigation, to guide Azure adoption using existing benefits and to validate that you are not over purchasing.

This 30-day analysis leverages a combination of unparalleled software licensing expertise, proven repeatable process and best-of-breed tools. This allows CDI to quickly and accurately assess the current state and make practical recommendations.


Day 1 - Customer workshop to understand what the tool does, required permissions and RACI development. Day 2 - Tool Setup in Azure, Validating Functionality Day 3 through 30 - Allow the tool to gather data in your Azure and On-Premises Environment. Day 30 - Complete Export of all Data, import into dashboard, schedule presentation meeting