Azure Migration Assessment: 2-Day Assessment


CDW will work with you to deploy an assessment tool in your environment, ensure the tool is configured properly, run the tool, and then help interpret and review the results.

Through the CDW Azure Migration Assessment, customers will understand the costs of moving their on-premises workloads to Azure as well as expected performance. A maximum of 25 virtual machines will be assessed in the base assessment; servers can be added to the engagement in blocks of 50 additional virtual machines.

During the engagement CDW will: * Review your business and technical requirements and how they relate to the workload included in the assessment. * Gain an understanding of your applications targeted for migration and fine-tune cloud configuration (CPU, storage, memory, instance type, etc.). * Meet with the IT staff to obtain all credentials required for configuration of the assessment tool. * Install and configure the assessment tool. * Analyze the financial data in context of potential architecture in Azure and make recommendations for alternative configurations based on budgeting and/or financial goals. * Make recommendations on addition or removal of VMs based upon your cloud strategy. * Suggest potential solutions to your organization’s planned strategy based on current in-house configurations.