Technical Readiness Workshop for VMware Cloud on Azure (AVS)


Technical assessment to review customer's environment and design a workshop. successfully plan the design of an AVS solution, including architecture, infrastructure deployment and migration of VMWare.

Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

The Technical Readiness Workshop for VMware Cloud on Azure (AVS) includes an: • Discovery and Design Workshop • Assessment of current Azure Cloud, VMware environment and connectivity • High-level design documentation of networking components and Azure VMware Cloud

CDW’s Technical Readiness Workshop for VMware Cloud on Azure is an excellent way to build preparedness and a thorough understanding of both business and technical requirements to design, build and migrate from on-premises or cloud to AVS. In this collaborative engagement, CDW’s highly skilled experts work with your team to review current environment design and configurations while reviewing design and configuration optimization for the new cloud environment — all based on VMware best practices.

The readiness workshop is foundational to a longer-term initiative of transforming organizations from traditional on-premises data centers to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures. Learn critical concepts, terminology, design and migration best practices while building an executable plan to follow at the conclusion.

The engagement focuses on design and readiness standards to meet business requirements, while allowing you to gain valuable hands-on experience with CDW’s team as well as AVS tools. At the conclusion of the engagement, you will be ready to take on a design and migration effort yourself, or partner further with CDW to execute a full migration effort for your organization as a whole.