Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Design and Deployment: 3 Day Workshop


With the AVS Design & Deployment Workshop, leverage CDW’s expertise to successfully plan the design of an AVS solution, including architecture, infrastructure deployment and migration of VMWare.

Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

The AVS Design and Deployment Workshop includes an: • assessment, • solution development, • configuration and deployment of a VMware solution in Azure.

We work with your IT team and business leadership to ensure we correctly target initial success criteria. To get started, our CDW VMware Design Workshop team evaluates your current IT infrastructure and platforms and gathers all the technical requirements needed for a successful project. Then the installation and configuration of AVS together with workload migrations become an integral piece to your initial AVS migration success. CDW’s experts in VMware and Azure will design and build complex VMware Cloud and cloud solutions that drive your business solutions.