EHR in Azure Discovery Workshop


Free 4-hour discovery workshop for healthcare companies using EPIC to understand how to maximize its use with Azure.

CDW Healthcare’s complimentary 4-hour EHR in Azure Discovery Workshop is an engagement that offers healthcare organizations a chance to discover the possibilities of Microsoft Azure for their Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. This workshop provides a thorough overview of why organizations are looking at Azure for their EHR, advancing security objectives, modernizing operations, and reviewing lessons learned from previous migrations. By leveraging the capability of Azure, healthcare providers can reveal new opportunities for improvement and scalability in delivering patient care through secure, reliable, and resilient services.   Through the workshop, discussions will be centered around the advantages of moving your EHR to Azure, including reliability, scalability, automation, cost optimization, security, and more, adapted particularly for the healthcare industry. In this workshop, our organizers will cover practices and real-world scenarios, demonstrating how Azure can be used to optimize EHR workflow processes, further interoperability, and confirm compliance with regulatory standards. In the end, this workshop encourages healthcare professionals to associate the full capability of Azure to transform their EHR systems, steering efficiency, advancing patient outcomes, and encouraging innovation in their healthcare approach.