Domain Controller in Azure: 1-Day Implementation


CDW will configure up to two Azure IaaS virtual machines with the Microsoft AD DS domain controller role to connect to your existing single forest/single domain AD DS on-premises infrastructure.

The Microsoft Azure IaaS Domain Controller Buildout will include the following.

  • Review current on-premises single forest/domain AD DS infrastructure.

  • Review/validate current Azure IaaS configuration.• Deploy up to two supported Azure virtual machines from Azure gallery.

  • Configure AD DS and dependent roles on the two Azure virtual machines.

  • Verify AD DS replication.The Microsoft Azure IaaS

  • Domain Controller Buildout will not include the following.

  • Health Assessment of existing AD DS infrastructure.

  • Remediation of AD DS issues discovered during project.

  • Custom configuration of Windows Server and additional server roles beyond AD DS.

  • Initial configuration of Azure infrastructure.

*Connecting to on-premises infrastructure for networking.

CDW consultants are experienced in designing and building Azure solutions, allowing you to get up and running quickly.