Data & AI Discovery: Proof Of Concept in 3 weeks


Get inspired and discover what is possible with Data & AI for your company

The purpose of the Data & AI Discovery Offer is to first inspire the customer and explain what is possible within different business domains. We deliver an inspiration session where we explain relevant AI use cases and what benefits these can bring for your employees, customers, products or operations.

This is followed by an interactive discovery workshop to identify challenges within the business domains. In collaboration with IT and business we discovery different AI use cases that we plot on a Value/Complexity matrix. By doing so we can identify “Easy Win” use cases. In the workshop we will select one “Easy Win” use case that will be selected to run against Cegeka’s AI value canvas. A follow-up will be organized to define the technical requirements but also the value proposition including a return on investment and the success criteria for the business.

In the second phase of this offer will be to execute a Proof of Value, it will make use of Cegeka’s Data Science Lab Reference Architecture to develop a working stand-alone AI model. Azure Data lake will be used to store the data and we will use Azure Machine learning or Azure Databricks to analyze the data.

The results of the Machine Learning model will be stored in an Azure SQL Database and visualized in Microsoft Power BI During the Proof of Value we will do data analysis & feature engineering to train the AI model. Results are visualized and the return on investment (ROI) of the selected use case will be challenged by validation of the value proposition & success criteria together with the business domain.