PowerBI Training

Cegeka NV

The Cegeka Power BI Training is a customizable, hands-on program that equips participants with skills to create reports and visualizations, transform data, and share insights.

Our Power BI training can help your business understand how to use data to make better-informed decisions, leading to improved business outcomes. 

  • Increased efficiency: With the ability to connect to various data sources and create interactive visualizations, Power BI can help your business save time and effort in analyzing and reporting on data. 

  • Enhanced collaboration: Our Power BI training can teach how to share and collaborate on reports and dashboards, improving communication and teamwork within your organization. 

  • Improved data quality: By learning how to use Power Query to clean and transform data, you can can ensure that the data they are using is accurate and consistent, improving the quality of insights and decision making. 

  • Increased agility: With the ability to quickly create and modify reports and visualizations, Power BI can help your organization respond quickly to changing business needs and requirements. 

  • Better insights: By understanding how to create effective data models and use advanced visualization techniques, you can gain deeper insights into your organization's data, leading to new opportunities and innovation efforts.  


  • Advanced Power BI Training :  In addition to the Basic Training, another one-day training can be planned for Advanced Users. 


  • Day 1:  General introduction and overview of Power BI functionalities  

    • Both off- and online components of Power BI : Power BI Desktop Power BI Service Power BI Mobile Power BI Functionalities  

  • Day 2:  Data modeling in Power BI  

    • Introduction to data sources, Power Query, data modelling & report building. During this session, 1 common datasets will be built Concept Data Sources Query Editor Datamodel  

  • Day 3: Building reports  

    • Hands-on training session, guiding participants to build their own report (1 per participant) using existing data  

      • Visuals  

      • Filters  

      • It’s up to you!

  • Day 4:  Sharing & Governance 

    • Share & publish reports  

    • Governance  

  • Optional day 5: Advanced Users  

    • One-day training can be planned for Advanced Users