Quick Scan On Your Data Challenges

Cegeka NV

Get to know the team and its reference cases during this free of charge 2 hour workshop, and learn how Data Solutions can guide you along each step of your data journey.

Cegeka’s Data Solutions team helps companies become data-driven in order to extract value from data. Data is the fuel for any digital transformation. But data by itself is useless. Only companies that handle it in the right way can transform their business and become a true data-driven organization. To achieve this, we mobilize the best specialists and build the right data platform that is ready, today and tomorrow, according to our proven approach and reference cloud architecture. After unlocking that data in a data platform, it is ready to show its true potential. For that, we leverage on our in-house BI and AI specialists that are capable of creating insights from the data through detailed and visually appealing reports, and developing machine learning or advanced analytics models, built on state-of-art architectures, that supercharge your data further and allowing predictions to be made from your data. 

For this, you can benefit from our expertise: Our team of AI and data engineering experts has a wealth of experience in helping businesses harness the power of AI. During the intake, you will have the opportunity to benefit from their extensive expertise in all aspects of data science (Azure ML, Azure Databricks and Azure Cognitive Services) and data engineering and gain valuable insights into the world of AI. .   

Our approach:  

During this 2 hour session, the Cegeka Data Solutions team will present itself, 

  • We will listen to your data challenges and aspirations.  

  • You will get an overview of some our most relevant use cases 

  • Based on the output of the conversation, we will guide you in defining the potential next steps along your data journey 

The deliverables:

  • You will receive our Cegeka Data Solutions slide deck at the end of the workshop 

  •  Any material agreed upon when defining the next steps