Azure Cost optimization study: 5 Days Assessment

Cegeka NV

Cegeka will provide cost insights on your Microsoft Azure subscriptions and provide recommendations for optimizing the current overall cost

The Azure Cost optimization study enables companies to receive insights in their current Cloud costs, recommendations and roadmap to control the overall costs.

First we analyze the current Azure environment to build and inventory of the current situation and collect the information relative to costs.

After the analysis, we identify all potential optimizations and describes them inside the study report. The recommendations is not limited to only direct cost savings but also useful information on how to keep the environment cost efficient over its lifecycle.

Once a set of optimizations has been approved, Cegeka will provide a more detailed action plan to deploy them.


The study contains both workshops and technical assessments. During the study, the following information is gathered:

  • Business purposes of the scope use cases
  • Expected consumption pattern
  • Security aspects
  • Availability requirements
  • Current operational model


Azure Cost optimization study includes:

  • Day 1 Business and current use case workshop
  • Day 2 Environment analysis and recommendations
  • Day 3 Report delivery and presentation
  • Day 4 Implementation roadmap
  • Day 5 Final report and closure


At the end of the Azure Cost optimization study, you will receive:

  • A report including the following items
    • Description of the current use cases & requirements
    • Inventory of current resources & properties
    • Recommendations to reduce the costs & keep the environment cost efficient over time
    • Deployment information for the different recommendations
    • Roadmap to deploy the selected set of recommendations
  • An interactive presentation based on the report

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