IoT for enterprises discovery workshop

Cegeka NV

A 20 day workshop on how IoT unlocks data and turns them into insights. Creation of an E2E Azure based OT/IT automation roadmap for creating maximum business value while safeguarding data security.

Cegeka’s offer is aimed to execute on a long-term IoT roadmap across both OT and IT domains with the objective of creating maximum business value and safeguarding data security. Crucial component in the offer is the Azure IoT Hub which provides a cloud-hosted solution back end to connect virtually any device.

Our IoT for enterprises discovery workshop typically takes 20 workdays and are best attended by representatives of operational personnel and IT + business owners.

Agenda of the workshop:

Week 1: Inspire. Cegeka provides an outside-in view on the potential of IoT for your company based on lessons learned, comparable customer cases, and industry best practices for companies in your segment. The purpose is to prepare the team for thinking outside the box and to create the right mindset for discovering the full potential of IoT within your company.

Week 2: Discover. During this phase Cegeka guides the team through a bottom-up identification of the most pressing operational pain-points in your company for which IoT can present a solution. We conduct on-site visits and in-depth interviews plus workshops with key IT/OT/business stakeholders.

Week 3: Define. The team creates a long list of potential IoT solutions that address the pain points identified in week 2 and ranks them according to overall business value versus ease of implementation (technical and operational feasibility). In this stage we explore the Azure IoT portfolio of services and capabilities

Week 4: Decide. The final delivery of this workshop is the long term IoT roadmap for sr. management to approve. The roadmap proposes implementation priorities starting with minimal effort quick wins and extending to high value scale up initiatives. Where needed it includes proof of concept validation on different levels. Finally, the roadmap includes security mechanisms to improve the cyber resilience of the proposed IoT solution.