Azure Customer Data Platform 8-Week Workshop

Computer Enterprises Inc

Build towards a modern, unified customer data platform that helps your team better inform business outcomes across the customer journey.

Our 8-week customer data platform workshop will demonstrate how you can leverage Azure to combine data ingestion, clean up, storage, security, and big data analytics to enable data products at scale across an enterprise. Our program follows four key steps:

Week 1: Assess

Review existing platform and tools; discover business and customer success criteria, and establish the overall vision, goals, and needs for the customer data platform. We will also work to validate your analytics strategy relative to market and industry.

Weeks 2-3: Workshop

Workshop possible data platform solutions based on needs, best practices, & best fit with strategic direction. Understand data sources, attributes, ingestion, cleansing, security, governance, monitoring, DevOps, and more. Plan for a pilot to illustrate solution fit.

Weeks 4-7 Pilot

Establish the base customer data platform architecture from ingestion to analytics. Configure and confirm cloud infrastructure security, governance, monitoring, and automation. Develop an initial custom data analytics product to prove immediate value.

Week 8: Validate / Roadmap

Walk through and validate the solution and discuss fit-for-purpose and ROI of the customer data platform technology, architecture, security, and related. Develop a roadmap toward greater CDP innovation.