Azure Database Migration: 6-Week Implementation

Computer Enterprises Inc

Our Azure cloud migration program will enable you to confidently move your database asset to the cloud quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of Azure database innovations and lower TCO.

Move your database asset to Azure to help meet key business demands of scale, uptime, security, automation, and data insight innovation. No more physical infrastructure to maintain; no more end-of-life software scenarios. Our team of experts use the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to help reduce complexities and execute successful migrations without costly errors and downtime.

Migration Scenarios

  • SQL Server to Azure SQL Database migrations (as PaaS)
  • SQL to Azure in VMs (as IaaS) where you can take advantage of existing SSIS and SSAS
  • Open Source (and other non-Microsoft databases) to various Azure migration options

Azure Database Migration QuickStart

In just 4-6 weeks our proven process and team of experts can help you execute an end-to-end database migration following best practices. We start with a step-by-step plan to move your key asset to Azure while maintaining application access for the business. We validate the plan through testing, take your system live, and then work to optimize your environment.

  • Assess & Plan: start by understanding the migration impact and core benefits through the review of business objectives and technical details such as the target database profile, usage scenarios and applications, network configuration, security, etc. Build a sequenced database migration plan that includes architecture, application connectivity, monitoring configuration, automatic patching, test migration planning, and more.
  • Test & Validate: configure environments and execute test migration (and test rollback). Ensure database continuity, security, application connectivity, and general configuration. Remediate any issues and validate final migration plan through additional testing.
  • Go-Live: execute final database migration cutover and confirm success.
  • Optimize & Transfer Knowledge: ensure monitoring, management, and cost optimization configuration. Transfer knowledge to client database support team for ongoing support.