Azure DevOps Assessment: 3-Day QuickStart

Computer Enterprises Inc

Learn how to move to a high-functioning, DevOps enabled practice. Start with an assessment, identify opportunities, map to best practices, and build a path to a DevOps mindset.
**Your first step in a journey** towards a culture of continuous business value, trust, and improvement. Asses your team's current practices; and learn how you can increase your flow of work, reduce work in progress, improve feedback loops, provide operations teams with instrumentation, and build architecture standardization. Build a path toward achieving a team-driven, DevOps mindset. # Azure DevOps Assessment Our DevOps experts will work with your team across 3-days to review current practices, identify alternatives to drive additional value, and demonstrate best practices for DevOps. We work together to build a step-by-step guide towards producing predictable, measurable, innovative results that drive accelerated application delivery at scale. # Deliverable Our deliverable will illustrate how your team can achieve the following: * Innovate faster by accelerating software delivery across the enterprise * Shorten feedback loops by making the delivery process efficient * Reduce lead time from checked-in code to released to production * Make all work visible with success metrics clearly defined * Address technical debt as it happens (vs. building up over time) * Integrate operations into the daily work of development * Application monitoring, alerting, and telemetry is built into tools and process * Automate testing as code is built, by developers * Provide feedback real-time through review and demo, as the code evolves * Standardize tools, architecture, and infrastructure stacks to promote simplification and reduce variability * Release software more frequently, with confidence using release management and deployment patterns