Form Recognizer 5-day PoC

Computer Enterprises Inc

Leverage AI-powered form recognition to accelerate business process optimization. Quickly turn forms into consumable data at a fraction of the time and cost.

Focus on acting on information rather than compiling it. Our 5-day PoC will evaluate your current forms solution and show you how you can replace an unreliable OCR solution with the power of Microsoft AI and Cognitive Services.

Day 1: Assessment

Discuss current business process and objectives around form-based data capture. Walk through the form recognizer technology. Discuss vision and ROI of an Azure Form Recognizer solution. Work to select a target workload (and form) for proving out through a pilot.

Day 2: Workshop

Workshop possible solution architectures for form recognition and possibly RPA workflow. Start by training the cognitive services model based on sample forms. Next, develop an understanding of the table and data structures. Finally, build towards a consumable, REST based API that can work with an RPA bot to automate form ingestion and processing.

Days 3-4: Develop Data Insights

Connect the form data to an existing business process or business intelligence solution through API calls. Leverage PowerBI to demonstrate the value of the form data collection.

Day 5: Create Roadmap

Create a roadmap and ROI towards forms-based business process automation that illustrates how AI-powered forms combined with RPA can work with existing applications and systems.