Datacenter Migration 6 Wk Workshop

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

There has never been a better time to migrate to Azure. Kick-start your Cloud Modernization with Celebal Technologies.


Week 1: Requirement gathering, Planning, and Discovery - We start with the planning process by understanding the design requirements of onsite server's data, including migration schedules and priorities, backup and replication settings, capacity planning, and prioritizing data value. We also take care of Hybrid Identity and Hybrid Networking using Azure services. Once the planning is done, discovery starts, which involves identifying existing workloads and applications in your infrastructure to be prepared for migration.

Week 2-3: Analyze Application Dependencies, Group Servers, Start Assessment - Our migration team conducts a data center Assessment to help the customer better understand its server infrastructure landscape. Based on the Infrastructure Assessment, we recommend re-architecting/re-designing the infrastructure blueprint making you Cloud-ready. The evaluation provides detailed cost estimates and server sizing. Our team conducts a TCO analysis to show each cost area with an estimate of your on-premises spends versus your spending in Azure.

Week 4-6: Migration - Post Assessment, migration kicks off as per the strategy. Based on the Assessment and right-sizing of the servers. We categorize your servers into 3 Categories:-

  1. Readily available for migration
  2. Need to undergo some modification
  3. Cannot be migrated – Operating system not supported in Azure. Our team migrates the critical applications and components according to their dependencies. Post migrating the servers to Azure. We engage some application stakeholders to run performance benchmarks, data consistency tests to determine the successful migration.