Automation Anywhere A2019 RPA KickStart-10 Wk Imp


The Automation Anywhere A2019 RPA KickStart-10 Week Implementation engagement provides a fully-functioning Robotic Process Automation environment in Azure for up to three core business processes.

This engagement enables your organization to migrate to or create a scalable Azure Environment to support Robotic Process Automation. This bundled offering Includes Automation Anywhere A2019 Cloud RPA Licensing for Dev, Test, and Production running in a redundant and resilient Azure IaaS environment.

The consulting engagement begins with an assessment of your business processes, where we work with your team to evaluate and identify highest-value RPA workloads in your environment in the initial consulting phase. In phase two of this engagement, your processes will be documented, mapped and optimized for Robotic Process Automation. Next, we design the RPA infrastructure, digitize the processes, then test until process automation is successful. From there, we enable your team to execute 3 cycles of attended or unattended RPA.

Deliverables include RPA process and service validation documentation of automated process(es), screenshot-based instructional walkthrough of the AA console, environment, and process flow, and Azure Environment Operations and Maintenance manual for your RPA environment.

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