Secure Identities & Access - Security Assurance Programme: Implementation


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer service, focused on providing security oversight, management, reporting & proactive cyber security management.

Security expertise to augment your IT team; increasing your security posture and protecting you against the growing threat landscape.

The Security Assurance Programme from Centrality, is a unique offering in the market that provides you with access to independent Security Experts that work with your IT team to establish a strong foundation from which you can collectively continue to evolve the culture, best practices and defences that secure your business.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, you will benefit from our service that will defend against threats with SIEM and XDR, alongside our services that will help by securing identities and access. We achieve this through the utilisation of the best-in-class defensive capabilities of the Microsoft Security stack – including Azure Sentinel for SIEM (Security Information Event Management) to detect and report live on threats and mitigating activities, along with Microsoft Defender for XDR (Extended Detection & Response) capability to contain and isolate cyber breaches that arise within endpoints on the network.

Your identities and access will be secured with access to the Microsoft 365 E5 - utilizing the power of Azure Active Directory Premium.

Utilising Microsoft threat intelligence, we provide:

  • Security Incident Reviews Monthly reviews to discuss security related incidents, the threat landscape and implement recommendations to drive continual posture improvement with a Certified Security expert.

  • Public Facing Website Check An audit of your environment to validate security posture, encompassing certificates, patching and encryption standards to ensure you remain protected.

  • Security Improvement Plan Review of Microsot 365 portals to validate security posture, provide recommendations & specialist guidance. Provide insight to security trends, product enhancements & automated reporting options.

  • Security Policies & Coverage Validation of your security policies to ensure all users are appropriately covered and ensure these evolve to accommodate the changing threat landscape.

  • Attack Simulation Simulated attack testing of your staff to validate and report on their security their awareness, providing ongoing relevant and targeted security materials to help you educate staff.

  • Azure Sentinel SIEM Configuration and ongoing refinement of your security policies to enable semi-automated remediation against a defined set of security triggers to alert on suspicious behaviours.