Dedicated Internet Access: 5-week Implementation


Lumen has the capability to connect Microsoft services to customers in over 110 countries and over 6,000 cities across the globe.

Dedicated Internet Access connects Lumen customers to 7,400+ unique Autonomous System interconnects globally, allowing customers to reach more of the global Internet directly from our network (1). Lumen leverages localized private peering with private interconnects, in addition to traditional peering, to maximize performance resulting in more than 65% of the traffic that originates on the Lumen network, staying on our network allowing us to better control performance.

Lumen is among the first Microsoft Azure Peering Service ISP partners in North America. We aim to improve connectivity to Microsoft Public Services such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Teams, or other SaaS products running on Azure. Customer traffic takes the shortest path into the Microsoft network from the nearest edge Point of Presence.


  • Switched Ethernet Access, Wavelengths & Cross-Connects
  • Port speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Available Lumen-provided Managed Network Services
  • Combine with Lumen OTT products like SD-WAN, Voice, Conferencing and UC&C
  • Layer on security products like Adaptive Network Security, DDoS and Professional Security Services
  • Building Extension available to extend service from the Network Demarcation Point to the desired location within your building

(1) Oracle (formerly Dyn/Renesys) findings as of Jan 2020

(2) Many features will incur additional cost to the base price provided herein. Base price excludes installation charges, taxes, fees and surcharges, is per month for 100 mb/s of symmetrical dedicated internet access, requires a 3-year term commitment (early termination fees will apply) and the service address must have existing Lumen fiber and equipment in the building. Lumen may change, cancel, or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area at its sole discretion without notice. Additional restrictions, terms and conditions apply.