Managed Services Anywhere: 10-wk Implementation


Simplify governance and speed application delivery while minimizing costs and delivering a consistent user experience across Azure and edge environments.
Easily manage, monitor and optimize your multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and edge environments to help increase agility and operational efficiency with people, processes and automation tools focused on your workloads across virtually any hosted infrastructure. - **Simplify governance** >Gain full visibility across multiple platforms and environments with a single managed service provider, subscription, term, Technical Account Manager (TAM) and comprehensive, 24/7 global operations. - **Speed application delivery** >Automation workflows can reach into CI/CD pipelines with options to hand off at application deployment, IaaS/PaaS build out or further upstream code commit points with our 24/7 ops team resolving most events without escalation. - **Optimize usage** >Using pre-defined workflows to solve common problems, automation scripts for event remediation and cloud usage analytics, the TAM can provide proactive recommendations to right-size and optimize your cloud usage costs. **Why Lumen?** Lumen Managed Services Anywhere offers one portfolio solution to manage environments, including many third-party applications, leveraging ITIL certified people and processes and strong automation capabilities through a customizable support model without a large, long-term financial commitment. With our services there is one provider, one subscription, one technical manager, and one managed platform. - **All-in-one** - Build automation - Application connectivity - Monitoring - Scaling policies - Workload deployments - Patch management - Incident management - Disaster Recovery