Secure on Azure Defender for IOT: 5-Day Assessment


Secure on Azure Defender for IOT - Review your OT & IOT security landscape using Azure Defender, and CGI, and learn about options to permanently secure and monitor your OT/IOT environment with Azure

The convergence of IT & OT coupled with the focus on critical infrastructure provisions means more than ever you need to be well informed and adapting your Cybersecurity landscape to repel the modern threat actor. Managing and strengthening your Cybersecurity landscape across IT, OT and IOT is now critical. But what should you be doing today to keep pace with threats and improve your risk position?

As a complimentary service and using Azure Defender for IOT agentless monitors, CGI will take a snapshot of your OT environment’s current cybersecurity threat landscape. Using this data, we will lead a 1-Day workshop to provide feedback on our assessment and delve deeper into actionable insights and strategic options to strengthen your security landscape.

Post the workshop CGI will finalize the assessment of your OT environment including providing a strategic direction to align your ongoing road-map with your compliance and regulatory obligations leveraging Azure technologies. CGI will also provide a proposal for rolling out a permanent solution for the discovery of assets, perform risk and vulnerability management, and continuously monitor for threats in your OT environment.


  • Implementation of Azure Defender for IOT agentless monitoring
  • One-day Workshop to review the results and explore options
  • Summary report on adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Proposal for permanently securing and monitoring your OT environment using Azure
  • Engagement with thought leaders in the OT Cybersecurity sector
  • Demonstration of CGI IOT/OT innovations of “OT as a Service” within Azure