Intake EVA Unified Commerce Implementation

CGI Inc.

Intake for the implementation of New Black's EVA Unified Commerce PaaS solution

The goal of choosing CGI as system integrator for the implementation of the Unified Commerce platform EVA is to provide professional services that help your organization to improve your digital transformation by providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how about the Retail architecture and integration of the new Unified platform within your current environment (e.g., the integration of platforms such as Adyen, Microsoft Azure or Salesforce). For more information, please see the PDF offerings.


CGI provides, as system integrator for the Unified Commerce platform EVA, professional services that help your organization with a digital transformation. The EVA application runs on Microsoft Azure, so the application can be consistently built and deployed. Furthermore, data is seamlessly managed, anywhere access with single sign-on is enabled, and integrated security & management across on-premises and the cloud is delivered.


CGI helps you with truly transforming your business, infusing innovation throughout the process of putting your customer first and acting accordingly. Secondly, CGI helps ensure continuity and consistency in your organizational transformation by offering end-to-end partnership. Apart from our local team, you will have access to all 90,000+ of our experts. Furthermore, CGI helps clients accelerate their transformation to become responsible digital leaders by:

  • Enabling seamless omnichannel journeys with CGI Retail Suite
  • Accelerating profitable digital transformation
  • Improving legacy systems' agility and reduce costs
  • Unlocking data to accelerate decision making and agility
  • Empowering sustainability transformation