Azure Cloud Journey Services 6-week assesment

CGI Poland

To have professional strategy and full knowledge in Journey to the Microsoft Azure - knowledge about pros and cons, Lower risk, Effectiveness, full support from highly experienced partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services have an unlimited potential and CGI helps clients benefit from it. Moving to Microsoft Azure cloud requires understanding the needs and demands that can be covered by the cloud provider and apps operating in it. CGI’s deep knowledge of the Microsoft Azure capabilities allows us to be the guide in this environment and act supportively in terms of moving to the cloud. Our teams’ capabilities with a balanced approach to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services addresses our clients' obligations to protect critical personal or commercial data, protect privacy, comply with regulation and mitigate commercial risk. Assessing cloud implementation strategies commensurate with the organization's risk posture, assisting in cloud adoption and “lift and shift” migrations. CGI is running the modernization with a cloud-native and DevOps methodologies, and ultimately managing and securing hybrid, Microsoft Azure cloud environments. CGI has the expertise in supporting any Microsoft Azure cloud implementation. We provide knowledge and expertise starting at strategy, through the roadmap and governance, up to architecture and transformation in order to secure operations and managed services.