Azure OpenAI Accelerator: 4-Week Proof of Concept

Chamonix IT Consulting

Accelerate the development and deployment of AI applications, leveraging OpenAI's GPT AI Models. Designed to help organisations fast-track and simplify their adoption of the Azure OpenAI service.

Chamonix introduces a sophisticated Azure OpenAI solution, combining the latest in OpenAI's AI technology with Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure.​

Designed to help fast-track and simplify your adoption of the Azure OpenAI, our team of integration experts is poised to guide your organisation in deploying a production-grade environment. This environment not only empowers your staff with a GPT-powered AI assistant but also ensures that your private corporate knowledge is securely retained within your network.​

This ground-breaking Azure OpenAI solution features a centralised metadata catalogue, enabling your organisation to:​

  1. Efficiently curate data from any source, across any platform
  2. Classify, segment, and secure your vital corporate information
  3. Implement robust governance for information discovery enterprise-wide

Gain the competitive advantage you need and discover how to:​

  1. Create a knowledge assistant that expertly navigates your enterprise's vast information landscape.​
  2. Set up governance processes that safeguard confidentiality and privacy.​

During this engagement, we will help you:

  • Identify existing challenges in information discovery and outline your future objectives.​
  • Pinpoint key use case scenarios that align with your information discovery goals.​
  • Formulate rules for classification, segmentation, and audience targeting.​
  • Determine internal information repositories to integrate with a GPT-powered virtual assistant.​
  • Outline data security, governance, and management necessities.​

With Azure OpenAI Accelerator, Chamonix elevates your ability to curate, classify, and govern information from diverse sources, ensuring both secure and effective enterprise-wide information discovery.​