GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance: (3)2hr Workshops

Sirius Computer Solutions

The GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance Jumpstart Service delivers (3) two-hour workshops to help you embrace Access, Security, and Governance in your Azure Environment.

Wondering where to start regarding adding governance, tracking, security, tagging, and cost control to your Azure environment? Our GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance Jumpstart is the perfect place to start. This Jumpstart Service delivers (3) two-hour workshops that include an introduction and discovery of your Azure environment and your choice of (1) Cloud Governance Discipline (Cost Management, Security Baseline, Resource Consistency, Identity Baseline, or Deployment Acceleration). The deliverables include recorded workshop sessions and Introduction to Tools for GAP Analysis across the 5 Disciplines.

The Introduction and Discovery of Environment & Workshops will include establishing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in order to adopt Security and Governance in Azure.

The Cloud Governance Discipline Workshop lets you select (1) of the Cloud Governance Disciplines and includes an overview and guidance based on your goals.


Review Cloud Adoption Strategy

  • Understand motivations
  • Business outcomes
  • Business Justifications
  • Priorities
Review Current Azure environment


Review Current state and future state

  • Azure Subscriptions, Management Groups and Resource Groups
  • Resource Naming conventions and resource tagging
  • ARM Templates
  • Blueprints
  • Client Choice of one of the following Disciplines
    • Security Baseline policy Initiative
    • Azure Cost Management
    • Identity Baseline
    • Resource Consistency
    • Deployment Acceleration