Healthcare Hybrid Cloud DR - 10Wk Proof of Concept

Sirius Computer Solutions

Sirius, a trusted Microsoft Azure, Epic, and Healthcare partner, developed a dedicated Healthcare practice & Cloud Center for Excellence that help achieve your firm's most stringent requirements.

The Sirius Healthcare practice includes former C-level executives from healthcare organizations around the country, along with dedicated technical and sales teams. From strategy through execution, Sirius takes a methodical approach in partnering with our clients to ensure that application and technology interdependencies are understood, and that necessary operational and governance changes are taken into account to make these complex solutions as effective and future-proof as possible.

Challenges such as the ability to move legacy applications to the cloud, cost pressures, and scalability have long surrounded Disaster Recover (DR) for Healthcare. Sirius understands that patient care depends on response readiness and preparedness and that the compliance of HIPAA is of utmost concern to the Healthcare IT professional. Healthcare organizations must protect hundreds of applications from multitier EHR applications to departmental apps used by only a few staff. And it must be done in a way that ensures data consistency as well as regulatory compliance around data protection, disaster recovery (DR), and availability of critical patient data.

Sirius' Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions, Epic on Azure, allow you to meet your performance and recovery needs for all services within your portfolio, including EHR, PACS, HR, financials, supply chain and more. Sirius Services helps our healthcare partners leverage Disaster Recovery services for Epic within Azure. This solution helps our partners achieve Epic Honor Roll requirements in a significantly more cost-effective model, while still maintaining top performance characteristics. Epic and Azure are a perfect match for Disaster Recovery excellence! Adapting to a hybrid cloud offers to scale quickly and expand digital infrastructure within Azure while driving revenue, cutting costs, and improving patient experience and outcomes.